‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3: Does Devi End Up WIth Paxton, Ben, or Des

This post includes huge Never Have I Ever Season 3 spoilers. Exercise extreme caution.

The third season of Never Have I Ever threw out love triangles and introduced a love…square? A love cube? It’s about time that Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) finally gets a third (!!) crush.

In Season 3 of Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher’s famous Netflix comedy, while Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) and Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet) are still very much in the picture, we also meet a new youngster named Nirdesh (Des for short) who is portrayed by the dreamy Anirudh Pisharody.

If you have already consumed the most recent 10 episodes, you are well aware of the sultry Season 3 finale. However, if you’re keen to know who Devi ends up with before the series finale, we can help. Again, we must emphasise that this page WILL reveal the love interests of Season 3 Devi. Since dating two men in the past did not work out, she can only choose one man this time around, so brace for heartbreak.

Who Does Devi End Up With in Season 3 of Never Have I Ever? Ben, Paxton, or Des?

Buckle up, folks. We’re in for a wild journey. Season 2 concluded with Devi and Paxton making their love official at the school dance; hence, Season 3 begins with them dating exclusively. Two weeks pass without incident before the Daxton bubble breaks and Devi’s detractors emerge.

Once Devi observes how her peers react to her and Paxton, she becomes insecure and begins to question Paxton’s affections for her. A bunch of cruel girls thinks that Paxton is only with Devi because they are having sex, as they do not believe he would be satisfied with a slow relationship. Devi’s mind is clouded by the rumours, and she feels compelled to sleep with Paxton before she’s ready. Then, an anonymous troll DMs Devi to tell her that Paxton is not who she believes him to be – as if she weren’t already concerned enough!

Image: Netflix

Paxton warns Devi not to interact with the troll, but her curiosity wins out and she seeks out the girl. She discovers that the messages are from Paxton’s ex-best friend, Hailey, who informs Devi that Paxton slept with and then ghosted her. Not cool, dude!

Devi informs Paxton that they cannot be together until he apologises to Hailey. After a brief absence, Paxton apologises to Hailey (and all the other females at school he has harmed), making Devi happy. But when Paxton and Hailey resume their relationship, Devi becomes envious. Paxton is finally fed up with Devi’s repeated questions about why he wants to date her. He says to Devi, “I like you very much, but I don’t believe we can have a meaningful relationship until you like yourself.” Ouch.

Following a difficult ghosting session, Des and Devi begin dating in secret. Unfortunately, Dev attends a separate school, and while they are together, their mothers are constantly hovering, so they have little time alone. Devi tricks her mother into leaving the house so she may invite Des and his pals over for a gaming night. The night takes a turn due to Des’ friend Parker (Deacon Phillippe), and Des leaves before he and Devi can hook up. Des’ mother sees him and Devi making out in his room the following day and calls Nalini for help. In a surprising turn of events, however, Nalini grants Devi permission to date Des, and the two make their relationship public.

Des and Rhyah accompany Nalini to Devi’s orchestra concert, but before she performs, she runs since she believes her father is in the audience. Rhyah discovers her crying in the restroom, and after the concert, she tells Des that he must end his relationship with Devi since she has too many problems.

Ben overhears Rhyah speaking negatively after the concert and informs Devi as the wonderful buddy that he is. Ben gives Devi a voucher for “ONE FREE BOINK” and tells her that if she’s still a virgin when she’s a senior citizen, he’ll sleep with her. Speaking of Ben, Season 3 is fairly eventful for him as well. His fiancée Aneesa (Megan Suri) breaks up with him, and he asks his art teacher out while secretly having a thing on Devi.

Ben informs Devi that he will miss her after she decides to spend her final year at The Shrubland School in Colorado, and the two share a moment together. Later, Devi decides to stay in Sherman Oaks, and with minutes remaining in the show, we witness her banging on a door. Ben, just out of the shower, opens the door and inquires about her needs. She gives him the “ONE FREE BOINK” coupon he previously provided. They kiss, he closes the door to his bedroom, and the credits roll. HOT!

Thus concludes the argument, Team Bevi. Season three concludes with Devi and Ben kissing. What about Season 4? Who the hell knows?