SPLM could be the only hope to widen freedom margin in Sudan

By Odit Medho Agwa Didumo*
December 12, 2009
Posted to the web on December 12, 2009


In every part of the world democracy mean independent jurisdiction powers and legislative powers, but in Sudan executive powers dominating everything to the extent that parliament members can be arrested by police without any consultation to the authorise person like (attorney general) who has a powers to confirm whether the suspects immune or not.

The first semester exam organised by the SPLM for NCP students has resulted to massive anxiety to the Islamic ruling party in Khartoum before the regular time of referendum, and it is good that all security personnel across the state were discovered loyal to the NCP that would mean heading to the next public election could result to unfair election; another positive out come of the demonstration was that ruling party well divided and traumatise. We need to speed up our mobilisation to raise awareness of citizens eligible to vote in the coming referendum over the next thirteen months.

The brutality faced by our people during peaceful demonstration can prepare us for the next politically battle and renew our tactics against freedom enemies. The entire world watching and have realised that Islamic party in Khartoum working hard to barricade access to peace and freedom of the Sudanese nations, they are ready to endorse the expected young Africans state. It is a matter of time.

Liberty is a legitimate right across the world; you can’t buy it or sold under any circumstance, NCP carried out more than hundreds demonstration during their period time in power without any barriers, but now they are annoyed by single peaceful demonstration aiming at democratic transformation and implementation of comprehensive peace agreement. Enough, we don’t want to give them relaxation and more space to roam.

The stage of anger we are in now cannot be manage effectively as a result of provocative behaviours against our people involved in a demonstration, therefore SPLM leaders in a high position of leadership across the country need to be patience, proactive to avoid unlimited expression that could jeopardise what has been built over the past, we need to learn from too much speeches of Mr president Bashir. He can say something in Madeni and deny it tomorrow in Kasala. We don’t want that to happen from SPLM leaders, you need to be well organise when facing media.

Our fighters morally have no question at all, they fought Jalaba with their allies from Middle East without salaries for period of twenty years and the enemy recognised us to be a second man in the palace, they taught chines oil looters unforgettable lesson by marking their faces as a warning signs, I think they are capable to protect their children, mums, elders and the land.

 The marginalise people in all part of Sudan must know that Arabs will never change their negative policies toward us today or tomorrow, they will never let you relax in your lovely country, they need you to stay unfocused every time, no peace of mind where  ever you are, but SPLM will be the only hope to widen freedom margin, he has got two cards in his pocket and the yellow one already has been shown by Pagan and Yasir, but the red one could be in the pockets of generals James Hoth & Paulino Matieb, there will be no Mercy if time come.

SPLM leaders must be attentive when meeting or fishing collectively within political arena with Turabi & Sadiq, don’t believe that their relation with Bashir is over, they are very close over sensitive things against our rights, they prioritised referendum tackling by all means.

The author is a former officer & MP Jonglei state, and he can be reach at: oditdidumo1965@yahoo.com.au













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