Ethiopia Army Shot Death an Anuak Student

By Gambella Today
Posted to the web on April 09, 2012

April 07, 2012 - Meles Zenwai’s defense forces have shot to death an Anuak student in Gambella town without provocation, our sources say. There are also reports that bullets are being heard throughout the city of Gambella town since sun down on Thursday night.

Student, Tido Kul Oman, who was shot to death by Ethiopia Army in Gambella on April 07, 2012 - photo by Anyuak Media - Click here for full size

The death of the Anuak boy occurred at around 7:30 pm local time on April 7, 2012 at a birthday party. The Anuak student who was shot to death by Meles Zenawi security forces in Gambella town is Tedo Kul Oman. Mr. Oman was a student at Gambella High School, a preparatory school, in Gambella town.

The unprovoked attack against the boy was carried by the Meles Zenaiw Federal Police, one branch of Meles Zenwai many security forces deployed in the region. Our sources say the students were holding a party with his friends. He stepped outside the party to talk to someone over the mobile phone.

A group of Zenwai security forces, Federal Police, showed up and shot the boy. After the police shot the boy, they left him bleeding to death. His friends ran to aid him. They picked up the boy and took him to the Gambella notorious hospital. But when the boy arrived there, he was dead.

Feeling helpless by the situation and their friend’ death, his friend started throwing stones around. The regional police, mostly Anuak, came and stopped the boys from throwing stones.

The situation has remains tense. In the mid night hours, the residents were reporting from the town, the federal police officers have returned to town and were shooting people, mainly Anuak people. The residents reached by phone at their homes at night say there were many deaths which would not become known until in the morning.

Disappearing or deaths of young Anuak have continued to be a disturbing trend in the region. A week ago, Owar Oballa was gunned down by the Meles Zenawi security forces. His body was returned to Pinyudo for funeral.

Anuak Omot Abook, a farmer, in Abobo disappeared in three days after the security forces took him. His family and his neighbors have remained deeply worry of his whereabouts.  







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