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Awili Simon Mori Didumo
A unique Culture on video

We are crying for help
How much will it take for people to mull over my problems?
And what will it take for religious and public leaders to act to protect innocent human beings?I will seek  justice until justice is served
I will seek justice until justice is served

Gambella's case was excluded in the Bill HR 4423
Congressional Hearing on Ethiopia

Over 50 Responses to Hearing
Spokane: Children's selfless acts make them leaders

Lt. Kwot Omot unfold the suffering of Gambella people

On Feb. 20, 2004 The United States deplores the ongoing killing of Anyuak in Gambella

Atrocities against Anuak civilians reported on VOA
Mr. Obang Metho's interview by Ethiopian politics
Congressional Hearing on Ethiopia have been modified on Eritrea TV
Nyikaw Ochalla and some guests from different political group debate - Part Two
Nyikaw Ochalla and some guests from different political group debate - part one

Dereje Feyissa was wrong   click to read
Meles felt guilty
Meles is guilty
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Developing a truly democratic state of Ethiopia
U.S Policy: Ethiopia a failed state!
Media Being Decimated in Ethiopia
Level of corruption in Africa
The conversation between diverse Ethiopian in Minnesota - SMNE Forum
Hearing in Washington D.C. on the status of Ethiopia
Mr. Obang Metho's Acceptance Speech at Annual SEED Award
Mr. O Case on African TV
Land for Sale - Ethiopia's disposessed farmers
A Battle for Land and Water in Gambella
Land Grab - Ethiopia
Collection of Interviews on Land Grab in Gambella
Dr. Gregory H Stanton, president of the Genocide Watch
Ethiopian Orthodox Church Building in Gambella
The new way of colonialism
Future of the crisis in Gambella
Anyuak land issues

Interview with Dr. Mamo

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September 9, 2010
To the Nuer Silent Majority: We Will Adrift If We Allow Traitors Be Our Leaders.
March 23, 2010
A Challenge to All Ethiopians
November 7, 2009
Tribalists and the Corrupt Are Not For SPLM-DC
September 28, 2009
Why I don't want to go to heaven

A call for help: Bachelor, Master or PhD degree holders in Diaspora

Anyuak Mini Museum
Achan Dingur

Anyuak Mini Museum

An online Museum, where you can find recovered material and visual cultures of the Anyuak. Learn more

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